Today I have a chance to join the IBM University day 2009 at Four Seasons Hotel, Bangkok. The main purpose is to receive a certificate for participation in XML Superstar Challenge 2008.
The interesting part of the activity is not giving certificates, but the presentation about “Smarter Planet”, the new vision of IBM in changing the world better.

According to the presentation, many ideas presented are the same as I have thought before. For example, I used to think that why I have to waste my time in the traffic. It could be better if I can do something else while I was sticking in the traffic.
Now, IBM comes with the idea of smarter traffic. One of the solution to smarter traffic is RFID. Every car has a tag for paying tolls, so that there will be no traffic in front of a toll anymore.
The presentation inspires me about my graduate project in the next year.

There are more interesting ideas as well. You can see them at A Smarter Planet

In addition, after came back to the dormitory, @tanuntipw suggested me to watch this video.

Then I just recognized that I used to have many dreams when I was young and now they are coming to be true. I hope that I will be able to see them before I die.

PS. I’m not an IBMer and don’t try to promote IBM. I just think that the idea is great and would like it to be implemented successfully.
By the way, the buffet at Four Seasons Hotel is yummy 😛