I’m so excited on this. The new trailer of 2012, the movie directed by Roland Emmerich. I’m waiting for it since I’ve seen the first teaser trailer about 5 months ago. Here is the first trailer I’ve seen.

Now, the new trailer that has been released.

From the new trailer, seems that everything is gonna be destroyed. Well, how can human survive? Hope that its ending won’t be something similar to the ending of Knowing 😛
I remembered that someone commented on “search 2012” at the almost end of the trailer that it’s not work, because the top 5 (or 10) searching results are not related to the movie. But I’d like to say that the purpose of searching is not to find out more info about the movie, but to find out what will happen in 2012. And that is about the Mayan calendar and the last day of the world!
I don’t know that if it will be true or not, but now, enjoys the movie 😀 (Uh… Oh… not now, but in this November)
Anyway, I like Emmerich’s movies such as Indepence day, Godzilla, and The Day After Tomorrow. So, I believe that 2012 will become one of my favorite movies.
This is the movie that I’m waiting, so I won’t miss to see it in a theatre, no matter what will happen at that time.